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Smart design and high quality make the
TumbleJet a market-leader in
user-friendliness and efficiency.

The TumbleJet is fast: 60 boxes per hour. The design is down to earth: only high quality materials and no unneccesary elements. All needs are met with 1 rotation point, 1 sensor and 3 nozzles.

Simplicity makes it fast and effective. The rotating nozzle cleans the inside, while the flat fan nozzles wash the outside. All while the boxes tumble in the machine. It cleans even the dirtiest carrot boxes.

The less is more-concept makes the TumbleJet one of the user- friendliest box washers on the market. Just set the programme on 1, 2 or 3 and push the button.

Equipped with an electric water pump on demand, starting at 200 l/min at 20 bars.

The TumbleJet is build to be mobile: it’s compact design makes the box washer easy to transport:
wash & go.